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Dr Scientist - Reverberator Mini (Older Design) - Reverb

Product ID: P-3371

The shrewd brainchild of an undoubtedly talented husband and wife team in Canada, Dr. Scientist pedals are hand built with high-quality components, featuring intuitive controls for easily manipulated parameters, practical design features for busy pedal boards, and they’re compatible with any instrument. With 9 outstanding reverb effects, 24-bit A/D/A conversion with fully analog dry signal, switchable decay time, and a great sounding rotary speaker setting, the Mini Reverberator offers a nearly unlimited swathe of reverb to play with and comes in a conveniently tiny box. Keeping the dry signal analog from input to output means the base tone of the instrument isn’t modified and what’s more they’ve used the highest quality 24-bit converters for perfectly pristine reverb effect.

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