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Dr Scientist - Boost Bot | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Dr Scientist - Boost Bot

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Dr Scientist - Boost Bot | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

Ever the forward thinking and inventive types, the good folks at Dr Scientist give you the Boost Bot, an always on Buffer / Booster & Level Meter! Designed to slot perfectly in to any musicians pedalboard, eurorack or studio set up, the Dr Scientist Boost Bot is a studio grade Boost and Buffer made from the finest possible parts. Small enough to fit in the tightest of pedal board gaps, the Boost Bot is designed around the boost circuit found in the much sought after Dr Scientist Reverberator pedal, offering plenty of clean head room. Offering around 20db of clean boost headroom, the Boost Bot utilised WIMA film caps, Nichicon Muse caps, 1% metal film resistors, NE5532P op-amp and Neutrick jacks for a crystal clear, high quality tone. The level metre is a 10 segment vintage styled LED that responds neatly to your playing dynamics. Running off any standard 9V DC power supply and safe up to 24V DC, the Dr Scientist Boost Bot is the Buffer / Boost you've been waiting for!

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