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Dr Scientist Atmosphere Reverb

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Model Overview:

The Dr Scientist Atmosphere is the latest in a long line of game changing pedals from the company, featuring 16 custom made reverb patches, full MIDI compatibility and endlessly tweakable parameters through the menu screen. In short, the Atmosphere is possibly the most comprehensive reverb pedal around. 

The Atmosphere covers classic reverb sounds like Spring, Hall, Plate and Gated reverb, along with more experimental sounds like pitch shifting reverbs, cavernous shimmer style octave reverbs, alongside reverse reverb and delay. Like all other Dr Scientist pedals, the Atmosphere has many features that give it a unique tone. The Resolution knob allows you to adjust the sample rate of the effected signal, getting progressively grainier and more lofi as it decreases. The Multi footswitch allows you to engage preset parameters for each patch at the touch of a button, engaging LFO's or infinite sustain depending on how you set your Atmosphere up. The Atmosphere also features an expression pedal for external parameter control and full MIDI functionality, making it as awesome on synths and drum machines as it is on stringed instruments.

The brainchild of some incredibly talented pedal builders in Canada, Dr Scientist pedals are hand made with high-quality components, featuring intuitive controls for easily manipulated parameters, practical design features for busy pedal boards, and they’re compatible with any instrument.

Model Specs:

  • Full MIDI implementation
  • Expression and control voltage input that can be assigned to 6 parameters
  • Preset can be saved for each patch
  • Very powerful built in LFO for modulating parameters
  • Select your favorite bypass screen
  • Mono in/out
  • Trails bypass or true bypass
  • Safe with 9 - 18 VDC power
  • Includes 9 V DC power supply

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