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Death By Audio Waveform Destroyer Fuzz

Product ID: P-3246


Pure unabated, unruly, obviously analog, distortion. The Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer comes with an astounding 500 different sound variations. In addition, the only knob is your master volume, so finding your exact selection of settings couldn’t be easier. Featuring 4 footswitches; Engage (bypass), Boost, Blast and Filter. Inside your waveformer destroyer you’ll find 8 internal DIP switches yielding seemingly endless combinations for your explorative pleasure. Discovering all the possible settings with this one will likely take a lifetime, but in true DBA style what you’ll get is totally original, borderline uncontrollable, mental fuzz from mild and thick to epic unholy madness.

Lovingly constructed by an imitable crew of innovative circuit tweakers, Death By Audio effects are Brooklyn based boutique stompboxes, and not for the faint hearted. Their impressive roster lists the likes of Wilco, Xiu Xiu, The Flaming Lips and Lou Reed to name a few.

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