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Death By Audio Fuzz War

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Cooly understated graphics but with components of the highest order, the beastly Fuzz War is the ultimate fuzz, boost, overdrive, and distortion you didn’t know you needed. It may have only a meagre three knobs, but these controls allow for a myriad of nasty fuse-blowing fuzz tones. It’s brutally sustaining, and probably the thickest sounding fuzz you’re likely to find. Volume controls output, Fuzz is your gain/drive control from subtle tone shifting, to a ballsy booster, to ripping overdrive, or all-out raging fuzz, finally there’s Tone control featuring a specially designed multi-curve shaping filter for adjusting the timbre of the pedal.

Lovingly constructed by an imitable crew of innovative circuit tweakers, Death By Audio effects are Brooklyn based boutique stompboxes, and not for the faint hearted. Their impressive roster lists the likes of Wilco, Xiu Xiu, The Flaming Lips and Lou Reed to name a few.

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