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Chase Bliss Audio Thermae Analog Delay & Pitch Shifter

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Model Overview: 

Minnesota based Chase Bliss Audio have garnered a reputation for making the most forward thinking effects pedals around. Formed around the company's 'Digital Brain, Analog Heart' mantra, all Chase Bliss Audio pedals offer the perfect combination of digital flexibility and true analog tone.

The Thermae is a digitally controlled analogue delay and pitch shifter capable of some truly unique sounds. At its most stripped back, the Thermae can act as a rich, lush sounding analogue delay. However, the Thermae is also capable of much more synth-like, expansive sounds. Cascading delays can be transformed in to pitched arpeggiator style sounds using the built in sequencing function. The Thermae also has a Step Mode, meaning you can cycle through patches using the Glide control to select the speed of transition from one pitch to another, generating some very synthesizer sounding tones.

As with all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, the top mounted dip switches allow for even more sonic exploration, all of which can be externally controlled via an expression control, and you can digitally save presets and access them via MIDI. Also like all Chase Bliss pedals, the controls of this pedal are digital, however your signal path remains exclusively analogue.


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