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Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Analog TZ Flanger

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Model Overview:

Minnesota based Chase Bliss Audio have garnered a reputation for making the most forward thinking effects pedals around. Formed around the company's 'Digital Brain, Analog Heart' mantra, all Chase Bliss Audio pedals offer the perfect combination of digital flexibility and true analog tone.

The Chase Bliss Audio Spectre is probably the most versatile and sonically interesting Flanger pedal around. Capable of a wide range of tones and a huge amount of user control, the Spectre is a true analog flanger with all the flexibility of digitally controlled parameters. 

A traditional flanger works on the principal of slowing one side of two identical signals down to create a swirling, pitch bending effect. The Spectre can achieve the sought after 'through zero flanging' by utilising two delay lines instead of just the one (like most flangers). Through Zero flanging is something that was traditionally achieved by running two tape machines in parallel, varying the speed of both to a point where they will eventually cancel each other out at the 'zero' point. By doing so, all kinds of unique flanging sounds can be achieved.

Not only is this pedal able to provide a wide variety of flanging tones, the pedal can also deliver chorus and vibrato sounds, while also incorporating modern features such as built in tap tempo and optional expression pedal inupt. 

As with all Chase Bliss Audio Pedals, the addition of top mounted mini Dip switches open up another world of tonal options, with all parameters able to be tweaked or controlled by an expression pedal. 

Like every Chase Bliss pedal the controls and brain of the Spectre are digitally controlled while retaining an all analog circuit and signal path. This allows for two on board presets to be stored while others can be accessed from either the Chase Bliss Audio Faves pedal or an external MIDI controller, all without compromising on true analog tone.

This pedal includes an individually serial numbered latched wooden presentation box. 

Model Specs:

  • 100% Analog Signal Path With Digitally Controlled Parameters And Saveable Presets
  • True Analog Through Zero Flanging Achieved Using Two Delay Lines
  • Switchable Modulation Waveform Shape
  • Tap Tempo With Tap Divide
  • On Board Presets
  • Top Mounted Mini DIP Switches For Ramping / Expression Control Of All Parameters
  • External Expression / CV Control For All Parameters

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