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Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas Analog Tremolo

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Model Overview:

Minnesota based Chase Bliss Audio have in recent years garnered a reputation for making some of the most forward thinking effects pedals around. Formed around the company's 'Digital Brain, Analog Heart' mantra, all Chase Bliss Audio pedals offer the perfect combination of digital flexibility and true analog tone.

The Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas is an analog volume modulation or harmonic tremolo pedal with a clean boost placed before a buffered tone shaping circuit, all digitally controlled while retaining its analog signal path. In contrast to the more traditional volume modulation tremolo setting, the harmonic tremolo is akin to that of a vintage Fender Brownface amp. Both these modes can be used individually or in unison for a unique tremolo effect that retains all its analog character and warmth. As with all Chase Bliss Audio Pedals, the addition of top mounted mini dip switches open up another world of tonal options, with all parameters able to be tweaked or controlled by and expression pedal. Engaging different dip switche on the Gravitas can morph the pedal from a standard tremolo to a tremolo akin to a step sequencer for any players looking to get particularly experimental.

Like every Chase Bliss Audio pedal the controls and brain of the Gravitas are digitally controlled while retaining an all analog circuit and signal path. This allows for two on board presets to be stored while others can be accessed from either the Chase Bliss Audio Faves pedal or an external MIDI controller, all without compromising on true analog tone.

This pedal includes an individually serial numbered latched wooden presentation box. 

Model Specs:

  • 100% Analog Signal Path With Digitally Controlled Parameters And Saveable Presets
  • True Analog Volume Modulation & Harmonic Tremolo Modes
  • Switchable Modulation Waveform Shape
  • Tap Tempo With Tap Divide
  • On Board Presets
  • Top Mounted Mini DIP Switches For Ramping / Expression Control Of All Parameters
  • External Expression / CV Control For All Parameters

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