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c.1970 Vox VG4 Bass - Walnut

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Model Overview:

Originally manufactured between 1969 and 1971, the Vox VG4 bass was designed to compete with similar offerings from Gretsch and Guild at the time. The VG4 is a semi hollow bass guitar that offers the kind of round and punchy sound associated with so many 60's and 70's records. The body is equipped with a pair of single coil pickups that offer the perfect mixture of low end response and twang in the higher frequencies. The rotary pickup selector switches between bridge, neck and both pickups simultaneously, while there are Gretsch style filtering switches on the upper horn, and a kill switch next to the volume controls. A fantastic, affordable and super rare vintage bass and great piece of British musical heritage.

Condition / Originality: 

This bass is in good condition for its age. It retains it's original pickups and electronics, as well as it's original walnut style finish. The frets display some wear but are in good playable condition. The fingerboard is in good condition and while there is a small ding on the lower back of the neck, it does not effect playability at all. The tuners all function well and the bass is a great player. It does not include a case.

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