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2018 Fender Japan Traditional 60s Jazzmaster, Blue Flower

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Model Overview:

Introduced in 1958 and intended as an upgraded replacement for the Stratocaster, the Fender Jazzmaster never really found favour with players at the time, but has become somewhat of a cult icon in the last 30 years, forming the sound of alternative music throughout the 80's, 90's and 00's. With Fenders current offset output appealing more to those looking for modern specs, people are turning more and more to vintage Japanese made options. This 2018 Fender Japan Traditional 60's Jazzmaster as a fantastic example of the current era of Japanese Fender production.

This Fender Japan Traditional Jazzmaster a unique Blue Flower finish, which along with Pink Paisley is one of the rarest finishes ever produced by Fender during the late 60's. It is a stunning looking instrument without a doubt. The Maple neck features a thicker 'U' shaped profile reminiscent more of 50's style Fender neck shapes and feels fuller in the hand, with a 7.25" radius giving vintage playability. The Rosewood fingerboard is in as new condition. The pickups have all the definition and unique character you would expect from a Jazzmaster, and sound great when pushing a cranked amp. The traditional Jazzmaster vibrato unit and six saddle bridge function smoothly for that classic subtle offset vibrato sound. This Jazzmaster is finished off with Kluson style tuners and a clear pick guard that further shows off the guitars stunning Blue Flower finish. 

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in excellent condition, with no signs of cosmetic wear. All electronics and pickups are original and fully functional, and this guitar includes a Fender gig bag. 

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