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2007-'10 Fender Japan Stratocaster ST62-US - Old Lake Placid Blue

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Model Overview:

Since the early 80's infamous 'JV' models, Japan has had a reputation for building some of the best vintage spec Stratocaster reissues around. Early 60's custom colour Stratocasters have become some of the most collectable guitars around, making them unattainable for the majority of players. This Fender Japan ST62 Stratocaster offers period correct vintage features and looks for an affordable price.

This 2007-'10 Fender Japan ST62-US Stratocaster is a higher spec than some other Japanese Strats of this period, as indicated by its 'US' suffix. The Made In Japan 'T' serial number indicates a later 2000's model, after Fender Japan moved back to the Made In Japan style serial number. Featuring a traditional Alder body with a Maple neck and slab Rosewood fingerboad, this guitar features a comfortable 1960's style 'C' neck profile, feeling familiar and easy to get around for all players. The three single coil pickups are upgraded Fender 'USA Vintage Strat' pickups, with a vintage voiced tone found on the US made American Vintage Reissues instruments of the time. As with all Fender Japan models, this guitar is finished exceptionally, with an 'Old' Lake Placid Blue finish that looks authentically vintage with a slight amount of ageing and fading. Other features include a three ply white pick guard, Kluson style tuners and a synchronised tremolo.

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in excellent condition and is both internally and externally original. There is very little cosmetic play wear to the instrument, with the frets in good condition and the electronics all working perfectly. This guitar also includes a gig bag.

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