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2006 - 2008 Fender Japan ’65 Mustang - MG65, Vintage White

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Model Overview:

Japanese made Fender guitars have long been the go to instrument for players looking for a true vintage spec instrument that combines both unparalleled build quality and great value for money. As with Jazzmasters and Jaguars before them, the popularity of the shorter scale Fender Mustang is a great now as it was in the mid 60's, with more and more guitarists turning to them for their unique sound, vintage looks and comfortable feel. This 2006/08 Japanese MG65 Mustang in Vintage White is a perfect example of the great instruments produced by Fender Japan. 

Featuring a Poplar body and maple neck with slab Rosewood fingerboard, this Mustang features a vintage correct White finish and comfortable 'C' profile neck shape with vintage-correct 7.25" fretboard radius. As with all Mustangs, the 24" scale length only adds to their playability. The original grey bottom pickups offer a classic Mustang single coil sound, mixing a bright bridge pickup with a rounder, warmer neck pickup, along with the endless tonal possibilities of the phase switching pickup selectors that makes the sound of Fender Mustangs so unique. The vintage style Mustang vibrato offers a playability unlike either the traditional offset vibrato or a Strat tremolo, and also features period correct Kluson style white button tuners. This Fender MG65 Mustang in Vintage White is rounded off with a tortoiseshell pick guard to give it that mid 60's finishing touch. 

Condition / Originality: 

This guitar is in excellent condition, retaining its tremolo arm and a gig bag. The volume and tone pots appear to be original, as do the pickups. The wiring harness appears to have been upgraded with the addition of an orange drop capacitor, and there are signs that some resoldering of the pots took place during this process. A finger adjustable trem-arm tightening screw has been added for easily applying or removing the tremolo arm. 

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