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1999/'02 Fender Japan Jaguar JG66-85, LPB/R, CIJ, Lake Placid Blue

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Model Overview:

Introduced in 1962 as one of Fenders deluxe models of the 60's, the feature heavy Fender Jaguar initially found favour with surf musicians due to its unique tone, and later became a favourite with alternative musicians throughout the years. With Fenders current offset output appealing more to those looking for modern specs, people are turning more and more to vintage Japanese made options. This CIJ 1999-2002 Fender Japan JG66 Jaguar in Lake Placid Blue combines all the quality you would expect from a Japanese made instruments with the vintage vibe of a classic early 60's Fender.

This CIJ Jaguar features a unique Lake Placid Blue finish unlike others we have seen, with a slightly more electric look to the blue giving it real character. It is a stunning looking instrument without a doubt, and a rare example in this finish. The Maple neck sports a comfortable 60's style 'C' shape profile with vintage style 7.25" radius while the Rosewood fingerboard is in good condition, with plenty of life left in the frets. The neck pocket is stamped with the code JG66-85, indicating a higher spec that features a genuine Alder body. The pickups have all the bite a twang you would expect from a Jaguar, with the dual rhythm and lead circuitry giving you a world of tonal options. This Jaguar also features Japanese made Kluson style tuners and a 60's style three ply white pick guard. 

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in excellent condition, with barely any cosmetic wear to the instrument. All electronics and pickups are original and fully functional, and this guitar includes a gig bag. 

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