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1993-1994 Fender Japan ’57 Stratocaster, ST57-53, 2-Tone Sunburst

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Model Overview:

Since the early 80's infamous 'JV' models, Japan has had a reputation for building some of the best vintage spec Stratocaster reissues around. As with many rarer vintage Fender guitars, players frequently turn to Fender models made in Japan to get period correct vintage spec instruments at a fraction of the price, all the while embodying the kind of craftsmanship and attention to detail that MIJ instruments have become so renowned for.

This 1993-94 Fender Japan '57 Stratocaster features a Basswood body with a Maple neck and fingerboard. Although a '57 reissue, the neck has a distinctly chunkier, more rounded feel, with less of the 'V' shape that comes with later 50's style Fender necks, with it feeling more similar to a '54 style profile. Featuring 3 single coil pickups and a 5 way switch, this Strat has all the chiming vintage Fender tone you could need. As with all Fender Japan models, this guitar is finished exceptionally, with a vibrant 2 Tone Sunburst and single ply pick guard completing it's 50's look. This guitar also features period correct Kluson style tuners, and retains its original tremolo arm and gig bag. 

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in excellent condition both internally and externally. There is very little cosmetic wear to the instrument, and the pickups, electronics and hardware are all original to the guitar. The frets are in good condition and have plenty of life in them. This guitar also includes a gig bag.

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