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1989-90 Fender Japan Stratocaster, ST54-500, Black

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Model Overview:

Since the early 80's infamous 'JV' models, Japan has had a reputation for building some of the best vintage spec Stratocaster reissues around. With the prices of original 1950's Fender instruments unattainable for most players, this Fender Japan ST54-500 Stratocaster is the perfect option for those looking for a true vintage sounding Strat at a fraction of the price.

This 1989-1990 Fender Japan ST54-500 Stratocaster features a Basswood body with a one piece Maple neck and fingerboard, and is finished in a period correct sleek Black gloss. Although a '54 reissue, the neck has a very defined 'V' shape that comes with later 50's style Fender necks, giving an authentically vintage feel to the instrument. As a 500 spec model, this guitar features Japanese made vintage voiced single coil pickups, designed to precisely recreate that classic 50's Fender tone as closely as possible. A single ply white pick guard and Kluson style tuners round off this great guitar, which also retains its original tremolo arm and gig bag. 

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in excellent condition both internally and externally. There is very little cosmetic wear to the instrument, and the pickups, electronics and hardware are all original to the guitar. The backplate is missing but can be easily replaced. The frets are in good condition and have plenty of life in them. This guitar also includes a gig bag.

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