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1984 JV Squier Stratocaster, Black, Maple

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Model Overview:

Early 1980's Japanese Vintage (or J.V) Fender Stratocaster have long been go to instruments for those in the know, due to their relative affordability and high spec, and they have steadily become more and more collectable in recent years. This particular model from 1984 comes equipped with U.S made pickups, which give this Strat a clear and bright tone reminiscent of its '50s vintage counterparts. 

The neck is a slimmer maple 50's profile that is not quite as severe as a 'U' or 'V' shaped '50s neck, making it more comfortable to play and giving it a slightly more modern feel overall. 

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in very good condition, and although is shows plenty of dings and scuffs to the finish and back of the neck, it is nothing more than you would expect from a guitar of this age. 



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