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1978 Fender Mustang - Sunburst

Product ID: P-13721

Model Overview:

First introduced in 1964, the Fender Mustang was initially Fender's flagship student model, increasing in popularity throughout the 60's. The guitars had a renaissance in the 90's due to their use by the prominent alternative rock bands of the time, and today original Fender Mustang guitars represent a great opportunity for people to take their first steps in to the vintage guitar market. 

Two single coil pickups combine with the Mustang's unique on/ off phase switching circuitry to give a unique sound with plenty or character and versatility world of tonal possibilities. The original 'Dynamic Vibrato' tailpiece was also a revolutionary design at the time, offering a much more sensitive tremolo system than was available on other Fender guitars of the period, and the 24" scale length makes them particularly comfortable to play. This guitar is from towards the tail end of the original production period for the Mustang, as they were discontinued in 1982. This guitar features the classic sunburst finish that was commonplace for Mustangs from the mid 70's onwards, and features a comfortable playing neck and rosewood board.

Condition / Originality:

  • Good vintage condition, and while it exhibits some cosmetic wear and tear, it is certainly no more than you would expect from an instrument of this age.
  • Original pickups
  • Original switches and circuitry
  • Pot dates obscured by solder, solder may be non original. 
  • Original Finish
  • Non original gig bag included

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