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1975 Guild F-50 - Natural

Product ID: P-11949

Model Overview:

Introduced as the Navarre F-50the Guild F-50 has gone through a few minor cosmetic changes since it's birth in 1954, including the introduction of the inlaying style you can see here in 1957, the change to the double pointed "cloud" bridge in 1966 and the change to an ebony fingerboard from a rosewood fingerboard in 1963. 

This model ran from 1954 to 1987 and is viewed by many as an excellent alternative and even an improvement on the Gibson J-200. 

Model Specs:

This guitar is a bona-fide CANNON, it sounds absolutely massive and is remarkably easy to play given its size. The instrument in regards to condition is excellent and shows no evidence of changes through out it's 40+ years of life. 

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