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1973 Fender Deluxe Reverb 

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Model Overview:

Few amps are a recognisable as a Fender Deluxe Reverb, with the model being ever present since its introduction 50's and used by countless players over the years. This model from 1973 is a great example of a workhorse Deluxe Reverb that has done some gigging in its life but still showcases that classic Fender tone 40 years on. This Silverface model - so called due to its Silver control panel with Blue Deluxe Reverb logo and Blue & Silver grill cloth that was introduced in the late 60's - features 22 Watts of tube output with built in Reverb and Tremolo. The tone has a brightness and clarity that is a common characteristic of Fender amps, and although this is balanced with a good amount low end response this Deluxe Reverb still has all the sparkle of a vintage Fender amp. 

This amp features an orange label, Fender branded JBL 'D' series speaker, offered as an upgrade to standard Jensen 12" speakers at an additional cost. The speaker is in good condition and sounds excellent. The amp is a 240V model and is ready to use without the need for a step down transformer. The cabinet and grill cloth are in good condition and although they show signs of wear and tear to the tolex and cloth it is nothing out of the ordinary for an amp of this age. 

Condition / Originality:

  • This amp is in good cosmetic condition, with the kind of wear to the tolex and grill cloth that you would expect from an amp of this period that has been well used. Vibrato intensity knob is cracked but fully functioning.
  • A37374 chassis serial number dates the amp to 1973
  • Any unobscured pot codes date to between the 3rd and 10th week of 1973, and are manufactured by CTS (137 code)
  • Original 'D' series JBL made Fender branded orange label speaker - available as an upgrade at the time for an additional cost.
  • Changed output transformer, replaced with vintage spec paper layer would transformer made by Magnetic Components in Chicago. 
  • All other solder and components appear original, with the exception of a possible resolder on the external speaker output jack. 
  • Amp recently serviced and in excellent working order.
  • Rectifier tube must be 5Y3 instead of the original 5U4GB due to increased DC voltage.
  • Original footswitch included.


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