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1969 Fender Stratocaster, Olympic White

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Model Overview:

The larger headstock Strats of Fenders CBS period are undeniably an iconic design, and give a silhouette that has become synonymous with the Stratocaster. This model from 1969 is a fine example of a later '60s Strat, with plenty of classic Strat tone and killer vintage looks.

This 1969 Fender Stratocaster features its original Olympic White finish, which has aged and yellow over the years, and now shows just the right amount of play wear and patina, clearly having been well played throughout its life. The neck is a comfortable late 60's 'C' profile and the Rosewood fingerboard is in excellent condition, and features a November '69 date stamp. The guitar has benefitted from a refret at some point, making it an exceptional playing instrument right across the neck. This guitar features its original grey bottom pickups, with all the clarity and chime you would expect from a good vintage Strat, and the pots and wiring are also original and fully working. 

This guitar also includes its original case, tremolo arm and bridge cover. An awesome late '60s Stratocaster that would be at home in any collection!

Condition / Originality:

  • Original Olympic White finish
  • 4-bolt neck
  • Original wiring, solder intact
  • Serial number 253191 (1969)
  • Nov '69 neck date (green ink stamp) - 22 425 119 B
  • Rosewood board, no skunk stripe.
  • Original grey bottom pickups, staggered poles - all stamped 9130
  • Original pots 137 7002
  • Minor/small patch of lacquer touchup on the headstock logo
  • Refretted
  • Original case & trem arm.
  • Aged beautifully. Nice lacquer checking and just the right amount of play wear. Definite Hendrix vibe!

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