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1966 Fender Stratocaster - Firemist Silver

Product ID: P-12087


Model Overview:

Introduced in the spring of 1954 the Fender Stratocaster changed the world of guitar forever, and in December 1965 the larger headstock models began to be introduced, this example features that particular headstock from the first full year of it's production. 

Originally called 'Firemist Blue' the finish was a Lucite paint colour which was only used on Cadillac Eldorados in 1964 and on Fenders from 1965 to 1971. This colour replaced Inca Silver (a flatter, plainer Silver) in 1965 and was considered a more intense/brilliant finish with the addition of blue and green notes not seen with Inca Silver. 

Firemist Silver is considered one of the rarest custom colours and as such these models do command a premium. Although this example has had a couple of changes (detailed below) the finish is original and looks stunning. Complete with original hard case.

Model Specs:

Externally this Stratocaster looks exceptional and shows some signs of play wear, but nothing untoward for a guitar of it's age. The pick-guard has been changed at some point in the instrument's life. 

With regards to the Stratocaster's innards the neck bears 13JAN66B and all three of the grey bottom pickups are dated 2/18/1966, the middle pickup may have been re-wound at some point in it's life however the rewind and subsequent re-solder have been done so well that it's difficult to tell.

The tone pots on the guitar are dated to the 49th week of 1965 (1376549), the volume pot however has been changed as it dates to 1986.

There is a route to the control cavity to accommodate an extra switch, and there is evidence of said extra switch on the Aluminium internal guard.

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