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1964 Vox AC-30

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Model Overview: 

Few amplifiers can claim to have had such an impact on popular music as the Vox AC30. As the backline of choice for the Beatles at the height of the British Invasion, the sound of Vox amps laid much of the groundwork for popular guitar music as we know it. This model from 1964 marks the start of the classic looks seen on the modern Vox amps produced today, with the classic textured Basketweave vinyl covering paired with brown backed diamond grill cloth. The specs of this model help us to date it to somewhere between July 1964 and December 1964, with its copper anodised control plate, radiused back edge, and evidence of the amp originally having corner protectors fitted. Along with the Basketweave covering, we can accurately date this amp to the second half of 1964. This amp is also a Top Boost model, as show from the 'TB' mark on the serial number plate.

This period of Vox production also sees the introduction of the Poly Grey T.1088 Vox branded speakers. At this point, there is no tonal difference between the T.1088 speakers and the blue backed T.530 speakers used previously, only a change in colour. They retain all the full bodied, balanced tone you could need from a vintage Vox amp, with chiming highs and rounded lows. The control panel features the 6 input design, with separate inputs for Vib/Trem, Normal and Brilliant channel. At some point some running repairs have been performed on the amp to keep it fully functional, but other than what appears to be a couple of changed capacitors, the circuit and solder joins appear mostly intact.

Condition / Originality:

  • This amp is in very good condition for its age with the kind of cosmetic wear to the vinyl covering that you would expect from an amp of this era.
  • Recently fully serviced and in full working order.
  • Appears to be mostly internally original with the majority of components being original and the majority of solder joins retaining their red quality control paint. There is evidence of some capacitors being replaced as part of a service to keep the amp running as it should.
  • Modified speaker output jack fitted to rear panel.
  • Original Basketweave vinyl covering used on AC30's as of July 1964. 
  • Original Poly Grey T.1088 speakers with Vox labels.
  • Original 'Vox' branded footswitch.

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