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1964/65 Vox AC30 Super Twin Head & 1964 2x12 Cab

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Model Overview: 

Throughout the 1960's, Vox amps were at the forefront of popular music, with artists like the Beatles using the companies amps throughout the height of the British Invasion period. This Vox Super Twin Head & Cab are a lesser seen mid 60's Vox model, featuring specs from either side of a transition period for the company. The 'slant top' deisgned Super Twin heads were initially introduced in late 1964 as Vox looked for a striking new design. These Super Twin heads featured the unique slant top design and black backed diamond grill cloth as opposed to the brown cloth used up to this point. This particular head is an interesting example as it features the copper anodised control panel found on earlier amps that was phased out from around mid 1964. This can only mean that this particular amp was produced as the company was transitioning between the slant top design and grey etched control panels that are predominantly seen with these amps, making a copper panel version quite rare for this model. The amp itself features the same 6 input layout found on other AC30 heads of the time, with individual inputs for Vib/Trem, Normal and Brilliant channels. 

The cabinet is also of the same period, although the brown backed diamond grill cloth leads us to believe it is from earlier in '64. The cabinet features a twin speaker set up, with one appearing to be an original Poly Grey T.1088 Vox speaker, although the label is missing, and the other being a Goodmans 12" speaker that appears to have been added in 1970 from some markings inside the amp. As a pair they sound excellent, with all the top end bite and low end fullness you could wish for from a vintage Vox amp. The transition period nature of this particular Super Twin head and cab, with features from each half of 1964, make it particularly unique and an interesting addition to any Vox collection. 

Condition / Originality:

  • This amp & cab are in very good condition for their age with the kind of cosmetic wear to the vinyl covering that you would expect from an amp of this era.
  • Recently fully serviced and in full working order.
  • Appears to be mostly internally original with the majority of components being original and the majority of solder joins retaining their red quality control paint. There is evidence of some capacitors and resistors being replaced as part of a service to keep the amp running as it should. The Cabinet has been recently fitted with a new jack input on the rear.
  • Super Twin Head features original Basketweave covering with black diamond grill cloth.
  • Copper control panel not often seen on slant top Super Twin models.
  • Type 7 machine stamped serial number plate 
  • Original Basketweave vinyl covering used Super Twin cabinets throughout 1964
  • One Original Poly Grey T.1088 speaker, one changed Goodmans 12".

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