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1963 Vox AC-30

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Model Overview:

In the world of vintage amplifiers, the Vox AC30 is surely considered one of the most iconic, powering the sound of the British Invasion bands of the 60's and going on to be one of the most used amps by players of all kinds.This model from 1963 will be of particular interest to players and collectors alike, with a unique set of specs that can narrow it down to an extremely limited production run between January and March of 1963. This amp features the uncommon Smooth Black vinyl covering, used by Vox on AC30 amps for only two months at the start of 1963 before switching over to the textured Pebble Black covering. Other features that date to this period include the non radiused back edge of the amp with squared off back panel corners, Copper control panel and brown backed diamond grill cloth. 

The original twin blue T.530 speakers are intact and sound fantastic, offering all the full bodied tone of a classic vintage Vox. The Vibrato and Tremolo circuit are up there with the best we've heard and offer an unquestionably 60's vibe. The control panel features the 6 input design, with separate inputs for Vib/Trem, Normal and Brilliant channels. This amp can be pinned down to an extremely specific point of early 60's Vox production, with a unique set of specs that only add to its collectibility as a vintage amp. 

Condition / Originality:

  • This amp is in very good condition for its age with the kind of cosmetic wear and tear to the tolex that you would expect from an amp of this era.
  • Recently fully serviced and in full working order.
  • Appears to be internally original in terms of components and solder with the exception of one added Hunts M312 capacitor in the Vibrato circuit. All solder joins appear to have red quality control paint intact. Power cord appears to have been changed at some point.
  • Original and extremely rare Smooth Black vinyl covering. Smooth Black vinyl only used for a period of two months between Jan '63 and March '63 on AC30 models. 
  • Original blue T.530 speakers with Vox labels.
  • Original 'JMI' brand footswitch.

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