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1963 Fender Bassman Amp - Blonde

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Model Overview:

First introduced in 1952 as a 1x15 combo amp, the Fender Bassman is one of the most iconic amplifiers of Fenders tweed period. In 1954 the Bassman changed to a narrow panel front with 4 10" Jensen speakers. An extremely full sounding amp with plenty of clean headroom and classic Fender chime, this model became a staple for many performers throughout the 50's and 60's. In the early 60's, the Bassman, along with a selection of other Fender amplifiers, switched to the piggyback head and cab style orientation and were available during the early 60's in Blonde tolex, become the must have amp for surf groups across southern California.

This amp is a great example of Fender piggyback amps from this period. The tube chart and serial number are unfortunately illegible on this amp, but this model seems to date from around 1963, with specs consistent with the latter part of '63 and the early part of '64. It features the brown control panel and white control knobs that were introduced as standard at the start of 1963, and also features the smooth white tolex covering and gold sparkle grill cloth that was used on these models throughout the second half of 1963 and the very start of 1964. The speakers codes read 328417, indicating the less commonly seen Utah brand speakers dating to the 17th week of 1964. This would again seem to indicate that the construction of the amp dates somewhere between the end of 1963 and the beginning of 1964. 

This amp sounds full and wonderfully detailed, with exactly the kind of vintage tone that you would expect from top of the line 60's Fender amp, and would make a great option for both players and collectors alike.

Condition / Originality:

  • Original smooth white tolex covering and gold sparkle grill cloth - amp head back panel may have been recovered with new tolex
  • Original brown control panel
  • Original white control knobs
  • Original flat Fender logo on amp head
  • Original 12" Utah speakers dating to 17th week of '64. The right hand speaker appears to have been re-coned at some point
  • One visible pot date code - 304 6125 - Stackpole 25th week of '65
  • Replaced transformer for UK voltage and changed transformer wires
  • Otherwise all caps, resistors, wiring and solder in the circuit appears to be original and untouched
  • Original brown dogbone handle

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