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1961 Fender Precision Bass - Fiesta Red Refinish

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Model Overview:

The Fender Precision Bass was the first electric bass guitar to be widely available and went on to have a huge impact on the course of popular music from the 50's onwards. As Rock 'n' Roll began to really take off, the Precision Bass became the workhorse instrument of choice for both studio musicians and touring bands, and can be heard on classic records from the 50's and 60's being played by the likes of Brian Wilson, Carol Kaye and James Jamerson.

This 1961 Fender Precision Bass is an excellent player grade example of a '60s P Bass. While it has had some changes, it still exudes all the playability and tone of a vintage Fender bass. This guitar has been professionally refinished in a vibrant Fiesta Red and certainly looks the part. The instrument is in great used condition and features minimal play wear to the lacquer. The original split coil pickup is present, giving a rich and punchy bass sound that has become so synonymous with Precision basses. The pickup does show signs of being resoldered, which suggests it has been rewound at some point in its life. Under the guard, the cloth wire appears original, although both pots have been changed for more modern versions. The pick up foam has also been replaced. The slab Rosewood neck is in good condition and plays very smoothly, and has benefitted from a refret at some point. Other features include the original 4 saddle bridge and original control knobs. The pick guard has been replaced along with the strap buttons, and the tuners have been changed at some point. This guitar also includes a later Fender hard shell case. 

Condition / Originality:

  • Fiesta Red refinish
  • Neck oversprayed
  • Original split coil pickup - rewound
  • Original bridge 
  • Original chrome knobs
  • Changed pots - undated
  • Later Fender hard case
  • Repro decal
  • Slab Rosewood neck with clay dot inlays
  • Neck has been refretted 
  • Pencil Neck Date - 12 - 61
  • Changed Mint pick guard
  • Changed Tuners
  • Changed Strap Buttons

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