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1961 Fender Jazzmaster - Sunburst

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Model Overview:

Initially introduced as Fenders top of the line model in the late 50's, the Fender Jazzmaster was the deluxe instrument intended to supersede the Stratocaster. Designed with jazz players in mind, it actually found favour with alternative musicians from the 60's onwards, contributing heavily to the sound and aesthetic of Surf, New Wave and Grunge. The price of original 60's Jazzmasters continues to increase rapidly making them both a sound investment and one of the coolest vintage guitars around. 

This example from 1961 is a fantastic pre-CBS Fender offset, with plenty of mojo and wear to the finish that gives it the look of a guitar that has been well used and enjoyed in its lifetime. The finish exhibits the kind of lacquer checking and wear consistent with a guitar of this age, and the 3 Tone Sunburst is as vibrant as ever. 

The pickups are punchy but with all the trademark character and definition of vintage Jazzmaster single coils. The slab Brazilian Rosewood finger board is in good condition, and has benefitted from a refret at some point in its life. All electronics and wiring are intact and original, and the instrument also retains its original early 60's brown tolex hard case. While vintage Jazzmasters continue to become harder to find, this 1961 Fender Jazzmaster represents a beautiful piece of early 60's Fender history. 

Condition / Originality:

  • Original Sunburst finish exhibiting the kind of wear and checking found on a guitar that has been well loved and well played over the years
  • All electronics, wiring and pickups original
  • Original Tortoiseshell pickguard
  • Original brown tolex case
  • Original bridge, vibrato and single line Kluson tuners

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