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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard ('59 Spec) - Sunburst

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We are delighted to offer for sale this stunning, original 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard - serial number 0 0284. It is a superb example that we have obtained from a well known collector of vintage Les Paul Standards; this example having been in his ownership for the past 16 years. Along with several of the collector's Bursts, this model has been featured in one of Vic Da Pra's books - Burst Believers 3 - page 50, published in 2016.

Viewing is strictly by appointment. Interested parties please contact us for further details.

Model Overview:

Although the serial number dates the guitar to 1960, the fact it is a "00" means it was part of a small batch assembled early on in the year, and as such still retains the desirable '59 spec/components held in such high regard by players and collectors.

Anyone fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to play one of these guitars will know why they command such a high price tag, and this example does not disappoint. The original PAF's provide an excellent bite and sustain, and the guitar on the whole has a resonance and feel you won't get from anything but a Standard of this period.

The instrument has been refretted and plays beautifully. Although the fret wire is not Gibson spec, it suits the guitar perfectly. The top has completely faded leaving a stunning amber finish, and while the guitar has little flame to speak of, the figuring of the Maple top is stunning.

One particularly interesting feature is that the name Duggie Lock has been stencilled on the rear of the case. While this has not been confirmed, the seller has carried out a limited amount of research and has found someone by this name who acted as stage manager for the Moody Blues in the late 60’s early 70’s whilst occasionally playing second guitar from offstage.

The guitar comes with original 5-latch Lifton pink lined case which is in good condition for its age.

Non-original parts/changes:

The neck has been over sprayed sometime in the past. This was removed approximately 4 years ago to reveal the original finish. There are no breaks or repairs.

The double-line Kluson tuners are Japanese made repro's with Uncle Lou tips installed.

A Bigsby has been installed and removed at some point in it's past.

There are several areas of overspray and touchup on both body and neck.

For further information please enquire using the "Ask a Question" tab above. 

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