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1960 Watkins Westminster

Product ID: P-13681

Model Overview: 

The Watkins Westminster was introduced in 1954, and was the first amplifier produced in any great numbers by the company. The Westminster has undergone various stylistic changes over the years, but during this period there were both 10 Watt and 14 Watt models available. This particular amp is the 14 Watt EL84 version, with twin channel inputs as well as on board tremolo complete with its original tremolo foot switch. The amp has a great deal of vintage tube warmth and breaks up extremely naturally for a rich tube driven sound. The distinctive turquoise and cream tolex covering also gives this amp an extremely cool 1960's look. A great vintage tube amp perfect for use at home or in the studio. 

Condition / Originality:

This amp is in good used condition and comes complete with its original tremolo foot switch. The tolex is in good condition with the kind of aesthetic wear that you would expect from an amp of this age. The amp appears to be internally original, as do the solder joints.

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