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1959 Fender Jazzmaster - Sunburst

Product ID: P-13602


Model Overview:

First released in 1958, the Fender Jazzmaster was the companies highest spec, top of the line model at the time. Initially designed to compete with the jazz orientated guitars offered by Gibson at the the time, the Jazzmaster found favour with surf musicians in the 60's, and has gone on to be popular with alternative musicians ever since. While never quite surpassing the Stratocaster and the Telecaster in terms of popularity, the Jazzmaster has become an iconic instrument in its own right, with vintage models increasingly sought after. 

This Jazzmaster is from 1959, a golden era for guitar production at Fender, and it's January '59 pencil neck date shows how early an example of Jazzmaster production it is. The neck is smooth and comfortable to play, and feels nicely played in while still being in excellent condition. This Jazzmaster also includes the iconic gold anodized aluminium pickguard which would change to tortoiseshell later in 1959, making these early '59 models even more desirable. The pickups sound warm and mellow, while retaining all the clarity and definition that you would expect from a vintage Fender. The fingerboard is slab rosewood with clay dot inlays, and the instrument retains its original case, along with its original tremolo arm, bridge cover, strap and hang tags. 

This 1959 Fender Jazzmaster is an amazing early example of the model, and in excellent condition for its age, with only some minor wear to the lacquer finish. The condition combined with the originality and case candy makes this Jazzmaster the complete package for players and collectors alike, and is a wonderful opportunity to own a Fender instrument from their best period.

Condition & Originality: 

  • original sunburst finish showing very little wear other than to a small portion of the treble side horn
  • original finish nail holes all present and correct
  • neck shows a '1-59' pencil date
  • original single line Kluson tuning machines
  • pickups and all electronics are original
  • original CTS pots dating to the 43rd week of '58 (137 843) 
  • solder joins, wiring and tape all appear to be original 
  • instrument benefits from being professionally refretted by our in store luthier with vintage correct fret wire
  • original tremolo arm, bridge cover and tweed hard shell case

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