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1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Black

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Model Overview:

Introduced as the companies top of the line model in 1953, the Gibson Les Paul Custom is a unique instrument in both tone and style. There have been some interesting variations on the Les Paul Custom over the years, but the 3 pickup model first seen in mid '57 is without doubt one of the most unique. This 1957 model is a fine example of a stunning, player grade Les Paul Custom from Gibson's solidbody golden era, and an excellent opportunity to acquire PAF tone on a budget. Three original PAF pickups from the first year of production for offering a huge variety of tones from warm, 'woody' rhythm to percussive, balanced, driving lead, and a lot in between.

As with other Les Paul Custom models, deluxe appointments and detail come as standard. This model features a single bound Ebony fingerboard with block inlays and the 5 piece diamond headstock inlay only found on custom models. Along with the pickups, the original ABR-1 bridge and tailpiece are also present. This particular guitar has seen some changes over the years, which are detailed below, however it is an excellent playing instrument and without doubt a great opportunity to own an authentic Golden Era Gibson. 

Originality / Spec

  • Previous Grovers installed (holes enlarged) now re-dowelled to accommodate original waffle-back tuners. (Finish touchup around the edges)
  • Finish touch-ups to top of headstock
  • Changed truss rod cover
  • Refretted
  • Changed strap buttons
  • Areas of touch up to the back and minor touchups to the front of body
  • Original PAF's (covers desoldered at some point. A mix of steel and brass baseplate screws. 
  • Original M69 rings
  • 3 changed saddles and adjustment screws
  • Changed pickguard and bracket
  • Bigsby on/off (holes evident by rear strap button. No holes to the top, a few minor blemishes visible)
  • Original no-wire ABR-1 bridge
  • Original stop tailpiece
  • Changed jack plate 

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