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1956 Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst

Product ID: P-12178

Model Overview:

A superb example of a late '56 Fender Stratocaster finished in original 2-tone Sunburst. As you can see in the photos this one oozes character! Stunning to look at and a joy to play - everything you'd want from a Fender Strat of this era; superb playability, resonance and feel with the most inspiring, responsive tone. A staple vintage piece the likes of which are getting harder and harder to find.

We purchased this vintage Strat from the 2nd owner who bought the guitar at auction from Christies in Sept 2000. It originally came with a matching Tweed Deluxe amp which has since been sold separately. It is a stunning 'no questions asked' example; 100% original down to the solder joints and screws. It also includes it's original tweed case, trem arm and ashtray, however the pickup switch tip is missing, as is fairly common.

Model Spec:

Original Maple neck with skunk stripe - neck pencil dated 11/56
Original frets
Original single line Kluson tuners
Original butterfly string tree (introduced mid '56)
Original Alder body (pencil dated 11/56) finished in original 2-tone sunburst. Nail holes all present and correct.
Original plastics - 3rd generation 'Bakelite' showing modest wear (but no breaks as is common with 1st and 2nd generation 'Bakelite.') The volume knob shows more wear than the tone knobs as is expected.
Original Pat Pend saddles
Original black bottom pickups with original solder joints and wiring
Original Stackpole pots dating to 33rd week of '56, in keeping with all other dates
Complete with original ashtray, trem arm and hard shell tweed case.


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