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Guitar & Bass Setup & Repair Service

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At Lucky Fret we always want to ensure that your instrument is performing to its absolute best. We make sure that all guitars leave our store playing and sounding great, and we offer a comprehensive setup and repair service to meet any specific set up requirements you may have courtesy of experienced luthier Millie Dorn, all the way from NSW, Australia.

Having trained under master craftsman John Commachio, Millie has been repairing guitars of all kinds for over 7 years and is equipped to deal with any problem you may have from the Lucky Fret workshop located within our Shoreditch store. Whether it's minor tweaks or major structural repairs Millie will take excellent care of your instrument and ensure your needs and expectations are met and surpassed!

All prices based on a £50/hr bench rate. The prices below should be used as a guideline; prices will vary depending on the instrument. Other repairs are available too, just ask! 


Setup and Repair Price List

Minimum charge - £20
Set up without fret levelling - £50 (add £30 for locking tremolo systems)
Set up with fret levelling - £80
Refret with set up - £200 - £250
Acoustic bridge re-glue - £100
New bone nut 6 string - £50 + materials
New bone nut 12 string - £80 + materials
New bone saddle - £50 + materials
New bone saddle (compensated) - £65 + materials
Pickup install on Electric guitar (no routing) - £25 - £40
Pickup install on Acoustic guitar - £50