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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Reflector Noisemaker Chorus

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Reflector Noisemaker Chorus

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Reflector Noisemaker Chorus

Model Overview:

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Reflector is a chorus that can go from classically lush, vintage style sounds to far more experimental, dimension shifting modulations effects, all at the flick of a mini toggle switch.

The Reflector features 3 selectable modes with a ranges of tones possible within each one, with an additional 'Modulate' control accessing extra tonal options for each. The main being 'Myriad,' a traditional Chorus that offers the most straightforward classic Chorus sound, with the 'Modulate' control selecting between 1-4 voices. The 'Wrinkle' setting acts as a warbling pitched Vibrato style sound, with the 'Modulate' knob moving from an octave down to an octave up in pitch. The last mode is 'Mirrors' which blends a swirling mix of Chorus and Flanger tones. The Reflector features standard controls for modulation Rate, Depth and Mix.

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Reflector also features an expression control input which allows you to control either the modulation rate or the 'Modulate' control with an expression pedal.

Old Blood Noise Endeavours, based in Oklahoma, make some of the most distinctive sounding guitar effects out there, with endless parings of different tones combining in the same pedal to ensure that all kinds of players have something they can use to create beautifully experimental sounds.

Model Specs:

  • Distortion, Chorus and Delay all in one!
  • Series and parallel switch for stacking effects
  • Expression input with switchable modes
  • Separate volume controls for each channel
  • True bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

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