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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Mondegreen Delay

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Mondegreen Delay

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Mondegreen Delay

Model Overview:

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Mondegreen is a digital Delay pedal with three switchable modulation modes, designed to be both weird and experimental while retaining a level of musicality that makes them perfect for creating new and interesting sounds with. The premise of the Mondegreen is a Delay pedal based around a modulation of the feedback loop that generates all kinds of interesting results when used in different ways. 

The Mondegreen features up to 1850ms of delay time depending on what modulation mode you are using, and features standard controls for Time, Feedback and Mix found on the majority of delay pedals. A mini toggle switch selects between three modulation modes - 'Stutter' combines your delay signal with a tremolo that is controlled along side your delay time and can go from slow and subtle to fast and choppy. The 'Whirl' mode combines the delay of the Mondegreen with a lush Chorus sound, giving you a Memory Man type delay sound with modulated repeats. The 'Sheer' mode adds increasing pitched octaves on to the repeats of your delay, with the 'Morph' control also dialling in some subtle modulation. The Mondegreen contains an infinite amount of tonal possibilities to be explored. 

Old Blood Noise Endeavours, based in Oklahoma, make some of the most distinctive sounding guitar effects out there, with endless parings of different tones combining in the same pedal to ensure that all kinds of players have something they can use to create beautifully experimental sounds.

Model Specs:

  • Digital Delay with 3 Modulation Modes
  • Standard Time, Feedback and Mix controls for the delay circuit
  • Morph control for manipulating the modulation section
  • Expression pedal input for controlling either Morph or Time
  • Standard 9VDC center negative power with 60mA draw

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