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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dweller Phase Repeater

Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dweller Phase Repeater

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Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dweller Phase Repeater

Model Overview:

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dweller is described as a Phase Repeater, but any kind of phasing or modulation is only scratching the surface of what it can do. In reality it can cover phaser and vibe sounds, while acting as a resonant step filter, an ersatz delay and mind bending, sustaining sound scape pads. 

The Dweller is based around a Phaser circuit, with a 'Voice' switch that selects between 4 and 8 voice phasing, which can be combined with switchable Sine, Triangle and Random Step waveform shapes for six overall mode variations. The Dweller features standard Rate, Depth and Regen / Intensity controls found on most Phasers for shaping the modulation sound. Where the Dweller really comes in to its own is with the 'Stretch' control. The 'Stretch' function allows you to set an adjustable delay time inbetween each Phaser stage, creating glitchy pitched delay effects unlike anything you've heard before. 

The Old Blood Noise Endeavours Dweller also features an external expression input jack that allows you to control the 'Stretch' function with an external expression pedal.

Old Blood Noise Endeavours, based in Oklahoma, make some of the most distinctive sounding guitar effects out there, with endless parings of different tones combining in the same pedal to ensure that all kinds of players have something they can use to create beautifully experimental sounds.

Model Specs:

  • Toggle switches to select between two phaser voices (four stage and eight stage) and three wave shapes (sine, triangle, and random step)
  • Three controls to shape the sound of the phaser: Rate to set rate, Depth to set depth, and Regen to increase intensity.      
  • An innovative Stretch control that changes delay time inside each phaser stage      
  • Mix control from 100% dry (unaffected signal) to 100% wet (affected signal)      
  • Expression jack for external control of the Stretch parameter      
  • Internal trimpot to control output level
  • Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power

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