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JHS Pedals The VCR Ryan Adams Signature PaxAm Modulation

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Model Overview:

The JHS Pedals VCR is a wonderfully versatile Reverb, Chorus & Volume Boost capable of dialling in studio grade tones whenever you need them. Based on some classic 80's style effects, the VCR features individually switchable 80's style Hall Reverb, lush Chorus and a Volume control capable of pushing your tube amp in to a sweet and natural breakup. 

Each effect on the VCR has its own single control along with a toggle switch to turn it on, with the foot switch acting as a master control for any combination of the three effects. The Volume knob solely controls the amount of volume boost, while the Reverb control sets the overall mix of your effected signal, with anti clockwise giving you a fully dry mix and clockwise giving you a fully wet mix. The single Chorus control actually performs a rather cool dual function. When moving ant clockwise, the rate decreases while the depth increases, giving you a deep, swirling chorus tone at a slower pace. Moving the control in the opposite direction gives you a faster rate with decreasing depth for a more subtle tone. 

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market

Model Specs:

  • Individual bypass toggles for each effect.
  • Simple controls for easy dialing in of your sound.
  • Master bypass footswitch so you can engage all effects at once.


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