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JHS Pedals Colour Box Preamp

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Model Overview:

The JHS Pedals Colour Box is a truly one of a kind effects pedal. It's essentially a Neve in a box. Honestly. The Colourbox seeks to give you the kind of rich harmonic response and warmth found from running your instrument straight in to a mixing desk channel strip, making it the perfect partner in the studio, for home recording and even as a great EQ sweetner and Overdrive / Fuzz on you guitar pedalboard. 

The JHS Pedals Colour Box puts the legendary sound of a Neve console into a compact unit. The Colour Box’s two gain stages are in series to produce exquisite clean tones and can also pushed to create an outrageous fuzz sound, further there is a remarkably dynamic three band Baxandall style EQ and a high pass filter allowing you to sculpt your sound into anything you need. The Master Volume works in conjunction with the Pre-Volume to cover everything form pristine cleans to gritty gated fuzz. The Step control allows you to raise the gain of the two preamp stages simultaneously up to 39dB at its highest point. 

Not only does this pedal work tremendously with guitar but owing to it's ins and outs, is able to handle xlr connectors and is therefore ian excellent compliment to any studio as it is a clear and dynamic mic pre. The inclusion of a Lundahl transformer in the circuit adds genuinely studio quality clout to the Colour Box, and it has been a popular choice with studios around the world looking for alternative recording options.

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market

Model Specs:

  • Direct-in studio preamp tones in a pedal.
  • Tons of gain for a wide array of preamp, overdrive, and fuzz tones.
  • Powerful EQ section to perfectly tailor your signal.
  • Hi-Pass for cutting out muddy low end or lo-fi garage tones.
  • 1/4” and XLR in and out for use with any instrument or microphone.
  • Quality Lundahl transformer that adds weight and dimension to your signal.

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