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KMA Audio Machines - Logan Overdrive

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Model Overview:

The KMA Audio Machines Logan is the result of a years worth of designing, redesigning and perfecting the ultimate Overdrive pedal, designed to offer the most open, touch responsive tone possible with an incredible amount of flexibility. The Logan Overdrive can act as a preamp, and low to mid-gain drive or a full throttle cocked wah style dirt box. Featuring KMA's three band active EQ that is found on many of their pedals, the Logan introduces a fully parametric, switchable Mid-EQ that can be introduced to the circuit pre or post gain, and an expression input for wah style filter sweeps with an external expression pedal.

The Logan features a carefully designed gain structure that can be both smooth and touch responsive with plenty of harmonic content, with a drive sweep that can get plenty hairy and gritty if needs be. There is up to 25dB of headroom available, and the parametric EQ allows you to cut or boost a mid frequency range of 100Hz to 2.5kHz by up to 12dB.

Expertly hand built and silkscreened in Berlin, KMA Audio Machines  blend rigorous German engineering with a passion for boutique guitar effects. The resulting range of pedals is a diverse selection of original effects, and some modern takes on classic circuits. Each pedal is handmade with great care and attention to detail in small batches, and we are thrilled to be KMA Audio Machines exclusive London dealer.

Model Specs:

  • Open and super touch-responsive overdrive pedal
  • Impressive high-headroom-design (up to 25 dB) - perfect for use as a preamp with IR cab sim or modellers
  • 3-band Active EQ with adjustable Mid Frequency - allows for the ultimate in tonal flexibility
  • Dedicated Mids footswitch - great for pushing solos
  • Standard expression input - allows control of the midrange frequency for fast and quacky wah-like sounds, to slow and enveloping phaser style filter sweeps
  • Made by hand in Germany
  • Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU (centre -, 2.1 mm, 30 mA current draw)


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