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Chase Bliss Audio MOOD Granular Micro Looper & Delay

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Model Overview:

The latest in a long line of forward thinking effects pedals from Chase Bliss Audio, MOOD is a two channel granular micro looper and delay designed in conjunction with Old Blood Noise Endeavours and Drolo FX. MOOD is designed to be inspiring, and there are a never ending array of ways to make the two channels interact with each other, resulting in a wealth of possible sounds. The Loop channel features three micro loopers that can be engaged at any time to loop lengths of your playing, while the wet channel features a selection of spatial effects. Each channel can be routed together in three different ways, allowing you to mix time stretched loops with delays, overdub and freeze your playing and so much more. All sounds centre around the clock control, allowing you to slow or accelerate both sides simultaneously in harmonized steps. 

Minnesota based Chase Bliss Audio have garnered a reputation for making the most forward thinking effects pedals around. Formed around the company's 'Digital Brain, Analog Heart' mantra, all Chase Bliss Audio pedals offer the perfect combination of digital flexibility and true analog tone.

As with all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, the top mounted dip switches allow for even more sonic exploration, all of which can be externally controlled via an expression control, and you can digitally save presets and access them via MIDI. Also like all Chase Bliss pedals, the controls of this pedal are digital, however your signal path remains exclusively analogue.



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