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JHS Pedals Pollinator V2 Fuzz | Lucky Fret Music Co.

JHS Pedals Pollinator V2 Fuzz

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JHS Pedals Pollinator V2 Fuzz | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

The JHS Pedals Pollinator is a tip of the hat to the vintage Geranium fuzz face circuit, but like all JHS pedals this circuit is enhanced and improved to make a functional pedal. Featuring a set of controls commonly found on Fuzz pedals, the Pollinator features standard Volume, Gain and Fuzz controls, as well as a Bias control that allows you to limit the amount of power hitting the Germanium transistors in the circuit. This gives a unique dying battery gated fuzz sound that adds another dimension to your driven tone.

The Pollinator also features separate controls for Gain and Fuzz, allowing you to precisely dial in a huge range of tones. Everything from gritty Germanium pre amp style drive to full on Fuzz Face sounds, the Pollinator's two gain controls can be balanced to dial in tones that would not be achievable with other more rudimentary fuzz pedals.  

Combining sleek designs with a great tones, JHS Pedals are regarded as some of the finest sounding hand made guitar effects pedals on the market.

Model Specs:

  • Classic fuzz tones with tons of control.
  • Everything from low gain overdrive to buzzing hi gain fuzz.
  • Clean tones with your guitar’s volume knob rolled back.

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