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Beetronics Octahive - Super High Gain Fuzz With High Pitch Octave

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The Beetronics Octahive is a high gain fuzz with a switchable upper octave. Controlled from a side mounted toggle switch, the Octahive can achieve full on, cutting octave fuzz leads and subtler octave sounds designed to add an almost ring mod like effect to your tone. When the octave switch is not engaged, the fuzz is warmer and fuller sounding with a more pronounced bass response. The Octahive is capable of a huge tonal range, which can be precisely dialled in between the 'Pre' control for setting the input volume, and the 'Honey' control for setting the circuit gain. The Beetronics Octahive is a super high gain octave fuzz capable of a huge variety of tones and is perfect for anyone looking to give their pedalboard a unique edge.

Beetronics pedals are all lovingly handmade in California, and their range boasts some of the most aesthetically and tonally exciting boutique pedals we have heard. With a focus on unique sounding gain pedals, Beetronics are a cult favourite for players looking for fuzz and drive tones that you won't find anywhere else. On top of this, their distinctive aged metal enclosures and bee themed PCB layouts ensure that they ooze cool, while their handmade design means no two are exactly alike.

Model Specs:

  • High Gain Fuzz With Switchable Upper Octave
  • 'Pre' sets input level pre circuit
  • 'Honey' sets circuit gain
  • 'Vol' controls master volume
  • Rugged Steel Enclosure Design
  • 9V DC power (No Battery)
  • True Bypass

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