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1989 Fender Japan Telecaster Custom, Bound, Black

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Model Overview:

Japanese made reissues of vintage Fender instruments have long been lauded as some of the highest quality and most vintage spec'd guitars you can buy outside of the Fender Custom Shop. As with many rarer vintage Fender guitars, players have turned to Japanese made Fender guitars to get period correct vintage spec instruments due to their craftmanship and amazing value for money.

This Fender Japan TL62B is a faithful reissue of a bound edge Telecaster Custom, one of the most stylish guitars of Fenders' 60's period. With a pencil neck heel and neck pocket mark dating the guitar to 13-12-89, this guitar is a great example of Fender Japan's 80's golden era, with unmatched build quality and vintage vibe. As a '62 reissue, the neck is a fuller feeling 'C' shape profile, almost towards a D shape that fills the hand slightly more, and as with all Japanese made instruments, it features a 7.25" radius and vintage sized frets for a true vintage feel. The Telecaster single coil pickup are original to the instruments and have all the twang and bite of classic Fender pickups, and all pots and wiring also appear original. As with all Fender Japan models, this guitar is finished exceptionally, with a sleek black gloss finish and classic double bound edges that have aged nicely over time. This guitar also features period correct Kluson style tuners and a three saddle threaded string through body bridge.

Condition / Originality:

This guitar is in excellent condition and shows very few cosmetic signs of play wear for a guitar of its age. It is internally original and in overall great shape. The frets are in good condition and have plenty of life in them. Although the 'A' serial number dates it to 1985-86, many bridge stamped serial numbers on Japanese guitars of this period can vary from the pencil date found in the neck pocket, with this confirming the guitar is actually from 1989 in this instance.

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