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The Fender Custom Shop was opened in 1987 with the intention of creating instruments in a similar manner to which Leo Fender made them when Fender began producing guitars.

One part of the Custom Shop's success stems from their meticulous construction of artist guitars which the Fender Custom Shop make for professionals, and from their painstaking replication of artist's signature guitars. The other element of their success stems from their "Relicing"; this process of ageing began in early 1994 when Fender aged some parts for Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan, by the end of the year Vince Cunetto was in talks with Fender about ageing guitars and in 1995 at NAMM the Fender Custom Shop debuted their "Real Deal" guitars. In May 1999 the Fender Custom Shop took over all production of relicing, subsequently the Fender Custom Shop has grown and grown and now comprises over fifty builders who produce some of the finest guitars available. 

The Fender Custom Shop now offers a wide range of Telecasters, Stratocasters and Offset instruments across a range of series, including but not limited to; Postmodern, Time Machine , Artisan and Limited Edition Models.