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1965 Fender Stratocaster - Candy Apple Red

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Model Overview:

Introduced in the spring of 1954 the Fender Stratocaster changed the world of guitars forever, and remains today as one of the most iconic instruments in music.

Fender's acquisition by CBS in 1965 brought with it some changes in spec on various models. These included a new bolder/thicker logo replacing the previous "spaghetti logo," and in December 1965 the introduction of a larger headstock on the Stratocaster. This particular example being from a transitional period features the smaller headstock but with the transition logo. 

The custom colour Candy Apple Red was used by Fender between 1963 and 1973. It was allegedly Leo's favourite colour, and the only custom colour that wasn't taken from car paint manufacturers such as Dupont. Consisting of a red translucent coat on a metallic base coat, Candy Apple Red was also the most difficult to apply. This particular model is believed to have had a factory refinish as denoted by the soldering iron markings under the guard and the gold metallic base coat used by Fender post '66. Besides this and a changed volume pot the guitar is all original and in really good condition.

This model plays really well, with a wide flat feel to the neck. Frets are in good shape, and it benefits from a recent setup by our in-house tech.

Model Specs: 

Neck stamp - 2MAY65B
Pickups - Original Grey bottom, dated as follows:
Bridge - 5/20/65
Middle - 5/20/65
Neck - 6/7/65

Original tone pots; Stackpole manufacturer, 16th week of 1965.
Volume pot is non original.
Original Fender Pat Pend saddles
Original double-line Kluson tuners
Original mint guard

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