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1963 Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst

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Model Overview:

Early 60's Strats have long been some of the most desirable guitars for players and collectors alike, and this 1963 Fender Stratocaster in original Sunburst finish is no exception. This is an excellent opportunity to own a golden era pre CBS Fender instrument without the investment grade price tag.

Featuring a very nicely aged 3 Tone Sunburst finish with plenty of wear, this guitar has plenty of vintage mojo. The finish features a more pronounced red in the Sunburst as is common on 1963 models, which remains vibrant and has barely faded over the years. The neck is a comfortable 60's 'C' profile and the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard is in excellent condition with its original clay dot inlays intact. The guitar has benefitted from a refret at some point, making it a exceptional playing instrument right across the neck. 

The price reflects some changes that have been made to the guitar over the years. The original pickguard has been replaced with a newer relic'd mint style guard, and the black bottom pickups have been rewound at some point, although they retain all the classic chime and bite you would expect from an early 60's Strat. The CTS pots are original and date to late '63. The nut has also been changed at some point in its life. 

This guitar also includes its original Selmer crocodile skin case and Fender instruction manual. This 1963 Fender Stratocaster represents a great player grade instrument for buyers looking for a pre CBS Fender instrument at an attractive price.


Year: 1963
Serial Number: L09455
Neck date: 2NOV63B
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Pickups: Rewound, black bottom, original gromits.
Pots: All matching, 46th week of '63, Manufacturer: CTS
Solder joints: Some re-soldered, others intact.
Pickguard: Non original aged reproduction, original shield.
Tuners: Original single line Klusons
Headstock: Original decal, original finish.
Neck: Original finish Maple neck, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, clay dot. Changed nut.
Frets: Refretted
Bridge: Original. Saddles original - Pat Pend deep emboss.
Body: Routing channel slightly widened between bridge and middle pickup to more easily accommodate wires.
Truss Rod: fully functional.

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