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Klon KTR Overdrive

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The long awaited successor to arguably the world’s most legendary pedal has finally landed, the Klon KTR. Painstakingly designed by the man himself, Bill Finnegan, the Klon KTR is made to sound exactly like the seminal Centaur, but this time making use of surface-mount components so it fits into smaller, more convenient casing and featuring a switchable buffered/true bypass output (Bill respectively makes his recommendations for which is best on the box).

Almost 2 years was spent designing the KTR circuit ensuring that the resulting sound was true to the original. It features the very same ultra-rare germanium clipping diodes as used in the Centaur, and to top it off it’s aesthetically, totally vibey. Hands down the best transparent overdrive on the market, it’s open and organic sounding, and harmonically rich. It’s guaranteed to get the very best from your set-up for authentic cranked amp tube-overdrive.

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