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Earthquaker Devices Tentacle V2 Analog Octave Up

Earthquaker Devices Tentacle V2 Analog Octave Up

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Earthquaker Devices Tentacle V2 Analog Octave Up

Model Overview:

It doesn't get much more straightforward than the Earthquaker Devices Tentacle Analog Octave Up pedal. Featuring absolutely no controls whatsoever, the Tentacle is a standalone version of the octave up effect from Earthquakers extremely popular Hoof Reaper Fuzz. Pair it with your favourite Fuzz pedal for all kinds of octave fuzz fun, or experiment with using the Tentacle in conjunction with the rest of your rig for all kind of weird and wonderful results.

Earthquaker Devices are arguably the most well known boutique effects pedal maker in the world, with a selection of pedals that is hugely diverse and encompasses both functionality and insanity in equal measure. All of their pedals are lovingly handmade in Akron, Ohio.

Model Specs:

  • 9V DC power from any standard effects pedal power supply
  • Flexi switching allows you to use the pedal in latching and momentary footswitch modes

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