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Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay

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Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral Modulated Delay | Lucky Fret Music Co.

Model Overview:

Earthquaker Devices are arguably the most well known boutique effects pedal maker in the world, with a selection of pedals that is hugely diverse and encompasses both functionality and insanity in equal measure. All of their pedals are lovingly handmade in Akron, Ohio. 

The Earthquaker Devices Space Spiral is a digital delay with plenty of lofi character that harkens back to the the kind of vintage oil can and tape delay sounds of yesteryear. The Space Spiral is designed around a delay chip used in a karaoke machine, and this unpolished base of the circuit is easy to hear from the Space Spiral's dark and other worldly output. With 30-600ms of delay time on tap, the Space Spiral is capable of classic 50's slap back and sound scape dreaminess to boot. The onboard modulation circuit can again serve more subtle or more drastic purposes. With the 'Depth' control rolled off slightly, the Space Spiral does a great job of capturing the tape style Memory Man delay sounds, with the modulation adding an extra texture to the repeats. Used more intensely, the modulation is capable of all kinds of extreme pitch bending that when combined with the infinite feedback loops generated by cranking the repeats can yield some truly far out sounds. 

The Space Spiral also features Earthquaker Devices' new Flexi-Switching technology, meaning the pedal can be operated in both latching and momentary foot switch modes.

Model Specs:


  • Time - Delay time goes from 30ms to 600ms; Clockwise for long and counterclockwise for short.
  • Pro Tip - If you have the repeats all the way up into self-oscillation territory, tum the delay time to alter the frequency.
  • Repeats - Controls the regeneration of the delay signal. Repeats increase clockwise and gradually begin to build into self-oscillation around 3 o'clock. This oscillation will infinitely continue until the Repeats control is brought back down below the 3 o'clock threshold. These oscillations will last even when the pedal is in bypass mode.
  • Mix - Blends the delay signal in with the dry; Clockwise for more and counterclockwise for less.
  • Depth - Controls the desired amount of modulation; Clockwise for more and counterclockwise for less.
  • Shape - Morphs the wave shape from a soothing triangle shape to a choppy square shape as you turn clockwise.
  • Rate - Controls the speed of the modulation; Clockwise for fast and counterclockwise for short..
  • Pro Tip - Match the Rate to the delay time (or a subdivision) for some cool rhythmic effects. This is especially awesome in square wave mode with the depth set high.
  • Powered by any standard 9V DC centre negative power supply.

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