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Death By Audio Soundwave Breakdown Fuzz

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Death By Audio’s unabated imagination is redefining what you can expect from a boutique fuzz, and this beast is no exception. The aptly named Soundwave Breakdown features specially matched transistors turned backwards, with one knob controlling extreme biasing of one of the transistors and the other controls intense filtering. The result is a vast amount of noise ripe for your tinkering. A chaotic combination of fuzz, distortion, overdrive, buzz, grind, bleeps, synth sounds and harmonies, you'll get totally unique results wherever you position the knobs. Even better, there’s no volume knob and it doesn’t clean up when the volume control on your guitar is down, that would be ludicrous, obviously.

Lovingly constructed by an imitable crew of innovative circuit tweakers, Death By Audio effects are Brooklyn based boutique stompboxes, and not for the faint hearted.

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